Google Chrome Problems in Windows 10

Web browser not opening on your new Windows 10 Creature Update? Is chrome not working after the new Windows Update? Don’t worry! This post contains some of the easy solutions to this problem.  



Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the world including 63% of the usage of browsers worldwide. It owns 54% of the market which also has built-in Adobe Flash Player in it. Google got a huge success and profit by launching this web browser which resulted in expanding of “Chrome” to other products like ChromebookChromebox, and Chromecast. In 2008, it was only launched for Windows users, but later on, it also came for Mac and Android users.  

After installing the latest update of Windows 10, many users are facing issues in their Google Chrome browsers. The new Creators Update of Windows 10 has makes it difficult for users to use their Google Chrome web browser. I have mentioned some easy fixes in this article.  


  1. Issues Related to Connectivity

Many users of Windows 10 have issues that their Wi-Fi gets turn off automatically and is reconnecting again. This is the most common problem with this update of Windows. But the solution to this problem is common for all Windows.  

Solution- The simple solution to this issue is Reboot your system. You can also disable your Wi-Fi sometimes for making your connection stable. So after applying this fix, this problem may be hardly an issue.  

You can also call the Google Chrome Support members for any assistance on this issue by simply visiting the website Chrome Customer Care 


  1. Issues Related to Activation

This is the most common issue as many users are facing problem in activating Windows 10 on their system. Sorry to say, but there is no fix solution to this problem as it is solved on its own. You have to just wait for a few minutes.  

  1. How to see my Favorites?

Solution- Google Chrome web browser is better than Internet Explorer on this topic. For finding your favorites, you have to click the … button and after that click on Settings option in the menu. In next step, Import favorites from any other browser. After doing all the work, simply choose the old browser in which you have to click Import.  


So these were some of the common Chrome problems in Windows 10. For any other technical assistance or information on any Google Chrome product, visit