If you are facing problems in downloading email from the old account into Gmail or by some means emails are missed or deleted after you have imported it, you can try the following tips to resolve your problems.

  1. First, try to fix it quickly. If you have problems in importing your mail, check the below instructions-
  • Check whether you have entered the correct username or password or not.
  • Check whether the account you are trying to import is still working or not.
  • Delete it and add the email address you are importing from.
  • On a computer Open the Gmail. On the top right corner, click settings. Now chose the accounts &  import or accounts tab.
  • In the section “check mail from other accounts”, delete the email address you are importing from and then add it back.
  1. Fix the problems connecting to another account. Choose the type of account you are having problems importing from another email account, like Outlook or Yahoo, check the other emails account settings. You can also change the access settings. For this, you can follow-
  • Open your email account
  • Click settings
  • Open the forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  • And then check whether POP is enabled or not
  1. Other problems getting an email like connection timed out, connection reset, emails arrive more than once, emails arrive in the wrong order, getting new emails after you stop an import. For this, some suggestions are like-
  • You can delete or move the oldest email that was not imported.
  • You should look for an email that has a single period on a line. You should delete it immediately.
  • Delete emails from another inbox.
  • You can move some emails from your inbox into folders.
  • If you are not arriving some emails, open Gmail. In a search tab, enter anywhere and search the items. You can also check folders in your email account for mail that is not imported.
  • For wrong email labels, turn off automatic forwarding from another email account.
  • Also, check you have entered the correct username or password or not. Check there is a proper internet connection is available for accessing the Gmail or not.
  • If you are importing mail from another Gmail address, make sure POP is turned on. Try to change the access settings in the account you are importing emails from. You can also stop extra security steps in that account.

It might be great if my suggestions have helped you. If you have some more issues, you can visit this site to overcome those problems. Gmail Support


If you forgort your Gmail password, to recover it click on te given link-