Google Chrome Problems in Windows 10

Web browser not opening on your new Windows 10 Creature Update? Is chrome not working after the new Windows Update? Don’t worry! This post contains some of the easy solutions to this problem.  



Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the world including 63% of the usage of browsers worldwide. It owns 54% of the market which also has built-in Adobe Flash Player in it. Google got a huge success and profit by launching this web browser which resulted in expanding of “Chrome” to other products like ChromebookChromebox, and Chromecast. In 2008, it was only launched for Windows users, but later on, it also came for Mac and Android users.  

After installing the latest update of Windows 10, many users are facing issues in their Google Chrome browsers. The new Creators Update of Windows 10 has makes it difficult for users to use their Google Chrome web browser. I have mentioned some easy fixes in this article.  


  1. Issues Related to Connectivity

Many users of Windows 10 have issues that their Wi-Fi gets turn off automatically and is reconnecting again. This is the most common problem with this update of Windows. But the solution to this problem is common for all Windows.  

Solution- The simple solution to this issue is Reboot your system. You can also disable your Wi-Fi sometimes for making your connection stable. So after applying this fix, this problem may be hardly an issue.  

You can also call the Google Chrome Support members for any assistance on this issue by simply visiting the website Chrome Customer Care 


  1. Issues Related to Activation

This is the most common issue as many users are facing problem in activating Windows 10 on their system. Sorry to say, but there is no fix solution to this problem as it is solved on its own. You have to just wait for a few minutes.  

  1. How to see my Favorites?

Solution- Google Chrome web browser is better than Internet Explorer on this topic. For finding your favorites, you have to click the … button and after that click on Settings option in the menu. In next step, Import favorites from any other browser. After doing all the work, simply choose the old browser in which you have to click Import.  


So these were some of the common Chrome problems in Windows 10. For any other technical assistance or information on any Google Chrome product, visit




If you are facing problems in downloading email from the old account into Gmail or by some means emails are missed or deleted after you have imported it, you can try the following tips to resolve your problems.

  1. First, try to fix it quickly. If you have problems in importing your mail, check the below instructions-
  • Check whether you have entered the correct username or password or not.
  • Check whether the account you are trying to import is still working or not.
  • Delete it and add the email address you are importing from.
  • On a computer Open the Gmail. On the top right corner, click settings. Now chose the accounts &  import or accounts tab.
  • In the section “check mail from other accounts”, delete the email address you are importing from and then add it back.
  1. Fix the problems connecting to another account. Choose the type of account you are having problems importing from another email account, like Outlook or Yahoo, check the other emails account settings. You can also change the access settings. For this, you can follow-
  • Open your email account
  • Click settings
  • Open the forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  • And then check whether POP is enabled or not
  1. Other problems getting an email like connection timed out, connection reset, emails arrive more than once, emails arrive in the wrong order, getting new emails after you stop an import. For this, some suggestions are like-
  • You can delete or move the oldest email that was not imported.
  • You should look for an email that has a single period on a line. You should delete it immediately.
  • Delete emails from another inbox.
  • You can move some emails from your inbox into folders.
  • If you are not arriving some emails, open Gmail. In a search tab, enter anywhere and search the items. You can also check folders in your email account for mail that is not imported.
  • For wrong email labels, turn off automatic forwarding from another email account.
  • Also, check you have entered the correct username or password or not. Check there is a proper internet connection is available for accessing the Gmail or not.
  • If you are importing mail from another Gmail address, make sure POP is turned on. Try to change the access settings in the account you are importing emails from. You can also stop extra security steps in that account.

It might be great if my suggestions have helped you. If you have some more issues, you can visit this site to overcome those problems. Gmail Support


If you forgort your Gmail password, to recover it click on te given link-


. MICROSOFT Common Problems and Their Solutions

Microsoft is world wide famous due to their products and software, Microsoft can also provide best and fast services that help to resolve their customer problem as soon as possible.

If you use the old version of Windows Live Mail 2012  then need to switch to the Mail app on Windows or start using

No! Windows Mail is NOT phased out:

Microsoft’s email service ambiguity deal with many issues that encounter by their customers. Sometimes, Windows Live email service served emails through the Windows Live Mail client to its users but now this process gonna change now you mix this up and have assumed that Windows Mail is phasing out and feel our customer team with their users every time, you may visit our site for further information related to this topic.


How to set up POP3 on Windows Live Mail:

Want to turn on POP3 then you must to login your Outlook account and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the cogwheel
  2. Choose Options
  3. Click on POP and IMAP, which located in main menu.
  4. While Prompted is done then allow the system to delete any data without informing.
  5. Save all the changes and go back.

Windows Live Mail must be enabled on your system to follow this steps, You may also create the new account for further things and to maintain your old account.

Common Windows Live Mail errors and what they mean:

Windows Live Mail helps to resolve your problem that faced by their users. Microsoft outlines these errors by their codes, types, and description. This error and types may include common errors, Winsock errors, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol issues, HTTP Mail error type, Network News Transport Protocol errors, Remote access errors, Post Office Problem and Internet Message Access Protocol errors. Further information related to this topic or any related topic of Microsoft that is also available on the given website



Most error messages you might experience with Windows Live Mail are due to Microsoft’s recent move to upgrade users from DeltaSync protocol to Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) synchronization protocol. Synchronize the current email to your Microsoft account and it may be any Hotmail, Outlook, Windows Live, MSN or other Microsoft email account. Using the instructions on how to set up POP3 or IMAP, you can restore your Windows Live Mail to normal use. This upgrading must be used for many users while they follow these steps.